Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vegan Fondant Flowers


It's kind of a lazy flower, actually. Just roll out some fondant and cut out some flowers with a flower cutter. Then I like to roll a tiny ball and press it against the surface of a sieve, to get a bumpy texture for the middle of the flower!

The vegan fondant was extra sticky and has a weirder texture... kind of like a Japanese mochi. It's definitely odd.

To make this, buy some marshmallows (or vegan ones, in this case) and melt them down however you like. Add a tiny spoonful of glucose (or corn syrup, because who has glucose?) and a whole bunch of icing sugar.

(Sugar isn't really "vegan" depending on how strict you are... Though if you get your sugar from Ontario, you're good.)

Just keep adding icing sugar until you get a nice dough, not too soft or sticky. Wrap it in plastic and store in an airtight container. It has a pretty good shelf life at room temperature! The decorations will harden if left uncovered.


Angie said...

I did not know that sugar is not vegan? What is in it? I'm not in ON, I'm in BC. I try to use agave nectar for sweetener but for cranberry sauce I've always used sugar.

Melissa said...

Oh hey! Sugar is often on the blacklist simply because it's filtered through bone char (burned cow bones) to remove impurities.

Honestly, I've been in the sugar factory in vancouver and it's a scary, nasty place LOL! It's a horror film in there. But yes, there are bones and vegans don't like that. Some factories don't use bones so you never can tell. :)

It's kind of silly (to me) because hundreds of small animals are killed during wheat harvesting, lands are stripped bare for soy crops and countless insects are likely destroyed while harvesting vegetables... yet those are all okay.