Friday, February 17, 2012

Sketching - Snakes


Ahem, so today I am practicing drawing snakes.



I'm sure this is what you've been waiting for.

Me, I think snakes are adorable. Though I suspect they might be better loved if they were warm blooded creatures. They have cute little faces.


I actually really didn't feel like drawing snakes (or anything at all) today. And when I don't feel like drawing, I tend to rush through it and ignore details. But I can forgive myself that... it's only drawing after all.


Most artists will tell you to draw and paint every day even if you REALLY don't want to, if only because you're less likely to come up with anything by NOT drawing. That is true, but I never come up with anything good when I don't want to. That's okay.

I think a better approach is to visit an art gallery. There's something about seeing art up close. And to see art get positive attention rather than just be used as a tool to sell products. I bet you'd feel like drawing then.


linda said...

I agree there are many options for creativity... from day to day... whatever fits! Lovely snake drawings... I suppose they can be cute...but I always think of villains :P

Melissa said...

haha! That's true... The whole time I thought about the one in Jungle Book, though he was cool too.